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About the AuthorAWC pic
Hi, my name is Austin Wolfclaw. That's me over there, watching as some unfortunate victim get mauled by hungry predators. And nomming popcorn as well!
At the time of this typing (5:33PM EST 11/22/13) I am 33 years old. Add a year after 9/14 to get my current age.

This is my second webcomic I've drawn; the first (Chester) was retired at the end of 2002.

As much as I love drawing preds mauling prey, and as much as I love fantasizing about being eaten, I keep it all seperate from Real Life. As in, you aren't gonna see me try to get eaten by a tiger, as much as most people beg me to...

What you see in this webcomic are my vore fantasies and cruel, wicked ideas for torturing prey.

Hope you enjoy!

About the comic
Since 2003, this comic has been through 20 arcs, or storylines.

More info about this comic can be accessed by visiting the Carnivores Wiki on CGWiki ((Sorry, The bugger's broke so i can't update.

Also, the fine print below? It's the truth.
This comic is in NO WAY affiliated with the hunting simulator, "Carnivores" or it's developer, Action Forms, Ltd.
So far, no one has asked, so let's keep it that way :)